Central Station Information

Central Station Information

Before calling the Central Station, you will need:

  • Your Account Number:
  • Your Account Password:

Please remember for your safety and security, if you do not have your account number and password nothing can be done for you at the central station.

The account number will be provided to you by our office once your system monitoring has setup with us.  The password for your FIRE ALARM will be set to match the account number exactly.   If you have a SECURITY SYSTEM, the password will be set to expire in 30 (thirty) days and will be the date of expiration.  The password will be in numeric format (e.g. September 1, 2009 would be 090109).  The initial password will expire in 30 days.  You must change it with the Central Station before that time.  If you are unable to do so, please call our office at 303-367-1959 to make other arrangements.

The Central Station may be reached by calling 1-800-306-2564.  The operator will answer and say “Monitoring Center – How may I help you?”

To cancel a false alarm, immediately advise that you wish to cancel a false alarm.  The operator will always ask for your account number and password.

To place your system on “test”.  (Test is defined as no action will be taken for any signals that are received until your schedule time has elapsed and the account automatically goes back “on-line” or you call and put the account back in service.  It is important to note that when your system is on “test” the fire department or police department will not be dispatched).  The operator will REQUIRE your account number and password to put any system on test.  Once you give them that information, they will ask how long you would like the system on test.  The system will automatically go back on-line after that time has expired.  PLEASE BE AWARE DUE TO LEGAL AND REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS YOU MAY NOT TAKE YOUR SYSTEM OFF LINE FOR MORE THAN 8 HOURS AT A TIME WITHOUT PROVIDING A WRITTEN LETTER TO GLOBAL FIRE AND SAFETY.

If you wish to place your system back on-line sooner, you may call the above number and ask the operator to place the system back on line.  Your account number and password will be required again.