Test & Inspection

Test & Inspection Services

Fire Alarm and Security Systems

soundThe proper operation of your fire alarm and security systems is critical for the protection of Life and Property.

A malfunctioning system could be as costly as a real fire or security incident.  Regular scheduled maintenance and testing is pivotal in keeping your facility in compliance with Federal, State and local requirements.

To maximize these requirements and have the peace of mind that your facility is truly protected just make one call to Texas Fire & Sound a true leader in the Life Safety and Security Industry.

To keep your fire alarm and security systems at the peak of their functional requirements, Texas Fire & Sound offers the following services:

  • Comprehensive visual review of your systems
  • Test & InspectionFunctional testing of all the components of your system
  • Verify that monitoring signals were received to Texas Fire and Sound’s state of the art 24/7 Central Station or other approved owner provided Central Station
  • Inspect output relays and test their activation
  • Test the electronic components of smoke control systems
  • Verify that changes to your facility did not impact or alter your systems from correctly working when needed.
  • Inspect secondary power supplies to ensure that if primary power is lost system critical events continue to operate
  • Inspect the electronic components of flow switches, tamper switches, PIV and low air switches to ensure they will operate in emergency conditions as required
  • Inspect the main fire alarm panel and ensure the software and the system is functional and operational
  • HandshakeCheck all signage to ensure that information is communicated properly if an emergency condition occurs
  • If applicable, verify all voice messages and their intelligibility
  • Inspect and test all smoke and heat detectors in accordance with their manufacturers and local code requirements
  • Inspect and test all graphic point annuciators (GPA) or directory annuciators that the devices tested in the field match their respective annuciator point
  • Compile a deficiency report or any test results and if necessary provide a deficiency list of any items found that are not in compliance for customer review and resolution

In the end you can count of Texas Fire & Sound to professionally and courteously care for all your fire alarm and security needs to protect what you value the most – Life, Property and the Continuation of your Business.

This service is among the wide variety of products and services that allow Texas Fire & Sound to be your single source for your fire, security and low voltage needs.